The Youth Village Community Arts explores the ways in which knowledge and customs are passed between different generations within an Afro Caribbean culture. Reggae Music is a style of music which was played in Dancehalls, it involves a selector playing and a MC talking over a rhythm originally to link and introduce records from a set in a continuous manner. Can Afro Caribbean dance hall music, as represented by the Toaster and the sound system be theorised in terms of counter cultural “everyday life”?

What were the encoding and decoding practices of this culturally specific “everyday life” for the immigrants who originally consumed this music in the dance halls and how have these practices been transmitted to contemporary youth, shaping their counter cultural “everyday life” as symbolised by the performative nature of MCing/Spitting.

The Youth Village Community Arts aims to build a partnership between the Manchester Metropolitan University and the community elders and youths. It is participative participation whereby stakeholders are enabled to create dub plates. The Dub plate culture refers to producers and record labels releasing an acetate record versus a full vinyl release.

The Youth Village Community Arts is a Manchester Beacon Recognition Awards 2011 Winner. It is a new “Music Label as Partnership” with The Youth Village Limited, Project 42 and the Contemporary Arts Department at Manchester Metropolitan University.