Launching the Girls in Gangs Website & Teaching Resource for Work With Young People

March 30, 2013 in Communtiy Safety by Tony Wright

LAUNCHING The UK’s 1st Dedicated Girls and Gangs Website Including: 

Teaching Resources: Documentary: Performance: Short Film: Campaign: Articles: Research: Experiences: Inspiration

“I feel quite positive because now I know, I think other people should know about the consequences.” Nicola, participant

Use and benefit from this website/resource if you are:
- Working with young people at risk of gang involvement
- Working with vulnerable young people
- Experiencing incidents involving girls and gangs
- Worried your young people may not be aware of the risks associated with being involved in a gang
- Interested in girl’s and women’s issues
- Researching girls and gangs
- Looking for interesting topics to explore in PSHE or Citizenship
- Passionate about local arts initiatives to tackle social problems

On the website/resource you can find:
- Articles, publications, research and reports about girls and gangs and related topics
- Information on services and organisations for supporting girls involved in gangs or related topics
- Session plans for exploring girl gang issues through drama, film, discussion, workshops and activities
- A documentary produced by young people about girls and gangs
- 2 performances devised by young people about girls and gangs
- Information about our project and how we developed it
- Links to our social media campaign

So far the films from the website have received over 1600 views!

Using the resources:
We want you schools, youth and community organisations, colleges and high schools to explore and use these resources to tackle the issues that matter to you. The resources are designed to raise the awareness of young people, teachers and facilitators as well as provide ideas to explore issues and related topics. If you have any ideas on how this website can be developed, please get in touch. If you want to be involved in developing this website and the campaign, please also be in touch – we want to work with others to build on the work we have created so far.

How this came about:
Union Street Media Arts CIC (USMA) have been working with Cedar Mount Academy (CMA) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to support pupils to raise awareness about the risks of gang involvement through media, film and performance. This is being done within their school, other schools and youth organisations, around Greater Manchester and beyond. We were funded by the Home Office to carry out this piece of work under the Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives Fund.

Read more about the project HERE
The aims and outcomes of the project were:
- The empowerment of young girls in working together to understand and address the issues relating to gang and gang membership and to build resilience in addressing those issues
- Increased knowledge, awareness and understanding attitudes of girl gang issues among pupils

- Increased parents, families and wider communities (including other schools) knowledge, awareness and understanding attitudes of girl and gang issues
- Young people are more confident to make lifestyle choices

This had been done through:
- Producing a performance and short performance and film
- Producing a short documentary 

- Producing a teaching resource to be used in schools, community and youth organisations and national and local strategy

What happens next?

Use the resources then feed back to us through our on-line FORM HERE!

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What We’ve done so far!


Interact With Us

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We hope to hear from you soon!

This project is financed by the Home Office through their Communities Against Gangs, Guns & Knives Fund